Saturday, April 13, 2013


The following trails are OPEN for another weekend. Trail #311F Carlyle to Kenosee Lake. Windthorst to Silver Bullet. 311B Silver Bullet Shelter to Kipling. ALL OTHER TRAILS ARE CLOSED AND SIGNS HAVE OR ARE BEING REMOVED. CORNING, ARCOLA, KISBEY, STOUGHTON TRAILS ARE CLOSED. WEST PARK GATE TO 311D/B JUNCTION IS ALSO CLOSED. NO ATV'S ARE ALLOWED ON TRAILS LAND OWNER PERMISSION IS FOR SNOWMOBILE USE ONLY. Conditions in the Moose Mountain Provincial Park are good. Ride the speed limit and enjoy the spring riding.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Most trails are still open for snowmobiling only. Land owner Permission is for snowmobilers only not ATV's. Some trails signs have been removed in the ditches in Carlyle. Trail 311B from the West Park gate up to the Kipling/Corning junction has been closed and the signs removed, use at your own risk. The 311A trail through Arcola has been dug up at the creek just SW of the Coop, please go around or navigate it on your own. Some signs in the ditch at stoughton have been removed as well. Kipling has removed some signs in town as the crews are digging out the ditches. Signs are in place on all trails except those listed. All trails will close Thursday April 11,2013. If you would like to help the club pick up the trail markers and signs in any area please message or call any one on our contact list. Thank You!