Thursday, February 28, 2013


All club trails were groomed thursday except Kisbey to Stoughton and north to 311D loop, which was done late last week. All Trail inside the Moose Mountain Provincial Park are also freshly groomed and smooth. I was on them tonight and the clubs new drag flattened out the rock hard mogels with ease on stevenson and center road. Super job thursday done by Gary Mills grooming the entire north loop from Corning to Kipling, Windthorst and back into Corning and Doug Ilchuk who did Kisbey, Arcola, Carlyle, Stevenson, Center road and back south to Kisbey on 311C.

Friday, February 22, 2013

SHELTERS Raes, Melrose, SilverBullet, Norms

FEB 22, 2013 Groomer Update

The Trails from Carlyle To Stoughton were groomed Thursday Feb 21/13 including part of 311F Carlyle to Junction of 311A, 311A from Carlyle Jnc to Beaver Lodge Shelter, to Arcola then west past Raes Shelter to Kisbey to the Blueline Shelter and into Stoughton. Feb 22nd grooming includes Stoughton North to Melrose Shelter on 311A, 311D to Norms Palace, 311B into west park gate, 311C down to Kisbey. Corning 311A north to Windthorst, Lil Red Shelter and to the Silver Bullet was groomed Feb 18/13, also 311B from Silver Bullet to Kipling was done Feb 18/13.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Grooming Report Feb 1st 2013

All the trail in the north run will be groomed today. Corning 311A to Windthorst up to the silverbullet shelter 311B to Kipling and back to West gate of the park entrance, then back past Norm's Palace shelter and into Corning. 311A from Kisbey to Stoughton is supposed to get done today as is 311C and 311J. Depending in the day 311F from Carlyle might also get done. How do we do all this in one day. It takes 3 groomers and a couple of guys to run everyone around.